Garry Station

A Vision of the Old and New

Garry Station is a vision of the old and the new, based on a blend between Lethbridge’s historic High Level Bridge, and a contemporary view, reflecting today’s values of creative opportunities for changing lifestyles, sustainability, and design principles that promote well-being. Our vision also recognizes the values of that era: quiet residential streets suitable for walking and playing, and a family oriented culture with opportunities for socializing. Garry Station incorporates the values of a contemporary society; a society which increasingly values healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship.

Crossings Galko

Step into The Akamina - 375 Aquitania Blvd W show home

Elevation The Akamina 375 Cabot Landing W Show Home Front
2:00 - 8:00 PM
12:00 - 5:00 PM
375 Aquitania Blvd W
Lethbridge, AB


With all of the necessities such as Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops, Pharmacies, Banks, Medical & Pet Clinics it also has some standout amenities:

  • Chinook High School
  • West Lethbridge Town Centre
  • Central Garry Station Park complete with feature pond
  • Paradise Canyon Golf Resort
Garry Station Homes
Garrystation Map
Corey Ginther

Corey Ginther

Sales Consultant